Mysterious Investment Competition

The State Committee for Property Affairs (SCPA) concluded an investment competition for sale of 99.94% stake in Lankaran Cay-3, a tea factory in the village of Veravul Lankaran area. The winner of the contest was a natural person, whose name was not disclosed.

SCPA spread information about the results of this competition, which was attended by two applicants.

It should be emphasized that the report of SCPA does not include the most important information - the amount of the obligation of the winner of the competition for investments in the company. It is not known whether the continued activities of the tea factory, or will it be redesigned to another. Press Secretary Office did not respond to question from Turan about it.

Thus, an unknown investor bought shares worth 200,000 AZN for 70,000 AZN.

Tea Factory Number 3 in Lankaran was commissioned in 1982. The company is being idle and has two employees. Its financial liabilities amount to 25 thousand manat.

It should be noted that, contrary to the law, SCPA does not provide information on this company’s land area and the characteristics of its buildings.

Staff of JSC Lankaran Cay-3 acquired 65 units or 0.04% of its shares by preferential purchase. ---08D

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