Officials cheat Commission on the Public Service

The Commissioner of the Public Service under the President of Azerbaijan is for the change of attitude to fill vacancies and to "reserve civil servants."

As Bakhram Khalilov lamented, addressing reporters today, some public bodies do not transmit the complete data on vacancies, which allows them to withhold information or to hire contractors in violation of the law.

According to him, the Commission cooperates with about 200 state agencies. From this year on there is a new software registry of civil servants, which allows obtaining information about vacancies, and about whether state authorities provide information on vacancies. According to local law, the commission on public service should be informed of all vacancies.

Khalilov noted that the Commission has already made the appointment of 300-400 people from the reserve. The competition is sometimes up to 7 people for a position, he said. - 17D-

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