Only one broker adheres to requirements for disclosure of reports

The brokerage company LLC Tekhnika Capital Management (TCM), one of the 15 brokerage companies in Azerbaijan, announced the annual financial report for 2013. Eighteen other professional securities market participants do not perform this statutory requirement.

According to the report, in 2013, the revenues of LLC TCM amounted to 89,174 manat, and the net profit was 11,853 manat. The share of services to customers accounts for about 60,000 manats, while investment, interest income and dividends provide for 29,191 manat.

The company’s cash and cash equivalents at the beginning of the year consisted of 181 000 manat. Liquid assets were 191,400 manat. Share capital of TCM is 380,000 manat.

In fulfilling the requirements for reports by professional participants in the market of securities and the rules of supply and publication of February 12, 2013, financial statements accompanied by an auditor's report shall be made ​​public in the media within 30 days after submitting to the State Securities Committee. SSC does not control the execution of its regulation.

LLC TCM has placed the financial report on its corporate site. The report has not yet been published in the media. Corporate websites belong to 5 professional participants in the securities market (BSE, the National Depository Center, Chelsea Capital, TCM and Invest-AZ). -08B-

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