Payments for Mobile Communication to Be Indicator in Assessment of Needs of Targeted Social Assistance

The costs of mobile services will become one of the criteria for assessing the needs for social aid, the Information and Computer Center (ICC) of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies of Azerbaijan said.

The author of the new approach is the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, and for its implementation it is necessary to improve the electronic subsystem of a single treatment and destination (VEMTAS). A thematic meeting between experts of ICC, the Ministry of Labor and the local mobile operators has been held.

This will allow the center to obtain information about the current and annual debt of Sim Card holders and to check the debts and costs on the Sim cards belonging to them in the same period. The innovation has also interested the local banking system, because, according to experts, it allows you to determine the level of creditworthiness of borrowers in the allocation of credits. --17D-

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