Polish-built patrol ship being sold under hammer in Azerbaijan

Polish-built patrol ship being sold under hammer in Azerbaijan

The State Property Service will hold an auction on December 21, during which, at the first attempt, it is planned to sell a coastal patrol ship of the "Vortex" type of the B-98 project of Polish construction.

The Agency assessed https://emlak.gov.az/az/news/view/8379-21-dekabr-2023-c%C3%BC-il-tarixind%C9%99-h%C9%99rraca-%C3%A7%C4%B1xar%C4%B1lan-n%C9%99qliyyat-vasit%C9%99l%C9%99rinin-siyah%C4%B1s%C4%B1 the ship built in 1986 for 1.8 million manats ($1 million 58.800). According to the SPS, http://privatization.az/index.php/az/sas-s-hif/2016-05-24-10-18-36/naezhliyyat-vasitaelaeri/16-menyu-az/9184-b-98-layihaeli-vikhr-tipli-zhaemi during the entire period of operation, the State Border Service of Azerbaijan has not carried out modernization and major repairs of the ship. The current repair of the ship was carried out in 2012, factory repairs - in 2017.

It is reported that in 2018 there was a fire on the ship and as a result, the power lines of the main engines and the control system of the diesel generator No. 1 became unusable. However, Turan News Agency could not find information on the Internet network confirming this statement. "Half of the ship's internal electrical panels and lines are unusable. As a result of exposure to seawater used in extinguishing the fire, the electrical panels and control automation lines located at the central control station failed. Up to 70% of the ship's deck metal needs to be updated," the auction organizer said in a statement.

The SBS, in turn, came to the conclusion that it is not economically feasible to carry out medium/capital or dock repairs of the ship. It was calculated here that even in the case of repairs, the coefficient of ship's effective use will be very low.

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