Priority areas of lending capital farmers

National Entrepreneurship Support Fund (NESF) has identified priority areas for lending to businesses in the metropolitan area Surakhani.

According to the report, they will lend shops selling environmentally friendly agricultural products, companies cutting meat, farm shops, modern greenhouses agriculture and farms for growing olives.

The site notes that entrepreneurs who plan to work in this direction will be supported in the first place – in NESF they can get relevant advice and even a loan of up to 100% of the project cost.

NESF was established in 1992. Agents of the Fund for loans are 46 bank and non-bank credit organizations. In 2013, the Fund issued preferential loans totaling 275 million manat. In 2014 the Fund plans to extend credits in the amount of 280 million manat.

The total volume of concession loans since 1992 has been 1,413,164,150 manat. --17D-

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