Private Turkish Lyceum to be given to the university Caucasus

Buildings of the closed educational institutions of the organization Chag Oyretim Ishletmeleri belong to the state, so they will be returned to its balance, SOCAR Vice-president on Regime, Human Resources and Information Technology Khalig Mammadov told reporters today.

After closing the educational network most of the usable area of ​​the buildings were leased. An exception is the Baku private Turkish lyceum, which is likely to be transferred to the University Caucasus.

All the property of the former Chag Oyretim Ishletmeleri is run by the International Educational Center under the auspices of SOCAR, whose management has the right to decide on the goals and directions of use.

Recall after the scandal of  Turkey's ruling party with the leader of the Islamic flow Nur Fetullah Gulen and his followers Azerbaijan in March decided to curtail the organization Chag Oyretim Ishletmeleri on its territory.

The private university Caucasus and the closed educational institutions of this structure were referred to the International Education Center.

There are 11 educational schools Chag Oyretim working on the Turkish curriculum and 13 branches of the Araz courses. - 17D-

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