Since early year tank gas production significantly decreased

In January and February 2016 gas production in Azerbaijan totaled 4,945,200,000 cub.m.. According to the Azerbaijan State Statistical Committee,  gas production increased by 2.5% against the same period last year.

During this period tank gas production in the country totaled 3,154,700,000 cub.m. (decline by 8.3%).

In January produced 1,602,100,000 cub.m. of tank gas, while in February 1,522,600,000 cub.m. In January 2016 average volume of tank gas production totaled 51.68 mcm, while in February – 53.54 mcm.

In 2015 Azerbaijan extracted 29,742,700,000 cub.m. of gas. The tank gas production totaled 18.9 bcm.—0—

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