SOCAR: Energy equal to national security of any country

  As there is a big gap in price and reliability of deliveries between the countries in the middle of Europe and those on the outlying provinces of Europe, it is necessary to find the ways to connect the Caspian region with the European Union, Elshad Nasirov, Vice President of State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) for Investments and Marketing, said at the meeting with the members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Azerbaijan (AmCham). 

“This is a challenging, if not the most challenging task in the world,” Nasirov said.

He said: “A lot can be said about the Southern Gas Corridor and we need to think what this corridor means for Europe and the world market. The European Union needs a higher level of security and energy safety cannot be separated from the national security of any country. It becomes obvious that energy is equal to a national security of any country,” he added.

* At the end of February 2014 SOCAR joined a big family AmCham in Azerbaijan, which includes over 270 members.—0—

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