Son of the head of Nakhchivan expands business

Baku/05.06.14/Turan : Group of "Nakhchivan Holdinq Ltd", which is associated with the name of the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, is  expanding business portfolio. The "family" of the Holding, which has been functioning since 2007 entered medical company.

According to the Ministry of Taxes,  on June 4 the Ltd. "Nakhchivan Med" ( INN: 200 728 171 ) passed the state registration on April 17th of this year. The head of the company is Seymour Talybov. Son of Vasif  Talibov, the chairman of the Supreme Majlis of  NAR, represents  interests  of  "Nakhchivan Holdinq Ltd"   in the country and abroad.

A group of companies "Nakhchivan Holdinq Ltd" includes 14 companies that own the mall, petrol stations, hotels, industrial plants, and other facilities in the autonomy and Baku. - 08B –

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