Press Review 07.06.14

Official newspapers  focs on the results of the summit of Heads of Turkic Cooperation Council held in the city of Bodrum, and  calling these countries' alliance based on shared values ​​"and" a strong international organization."



An international conference on the problem of political prisoners in Azerbaijanwa held in Berlin.  The conference participant Khadija Ismail said that the position on human rights violations in Azerbaijan has toughened in Europe. Experts believe that 11 banks operate at a loss, and the total amount of bad loans in the banking sector is one billion manats.

 The MP Vahid Akhmedov  regarded the statement of SOCAR representives  about the poor quality of gasoline sold in the country as a sign of impending price hike of petrol.


"Express": in response to calls of European institutions for the establishment in the capital Baku a single municipality,  the  head of the parliamentary committee on regional issues ,Arif Rahimzade,  said that the people and municipalities are not yet ready to it.


"New time" published offensive material to the former Deputy Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan Sadikhova Isa, who advocated the creation of an international battalion to fight against terrorists in Ukraine.


"Yeni Musavat" considers the U.S. Ambassador to the OSCE, which criticized facts on human rights violations in Azerbaijan, as "another strong statement against the U.S. official Baku."

Claims that there are15%- 20% of the poor population in Europe, and in  only 5% in Azerbaijan, are not consistent.

According to experts, poor people in Europe are people having an apartment, car, but do not have access to expensive social services.

Over the first four months of this year,  in 735 accidents in Azerbaijan 313 people were killed, and  746 were wounded.-0-

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