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14 April, under the chairmanship of President Ilham Aliyev held a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on the results of socio-economic development in the first quarter of 2013.

In January and March, gross domestic product grew by 3.1%, the non-oil sector - by 11.4%, 83% of the GDP generated in the private sector. "All this has been achieved through wise economic reforms," ??- said the head of state. According to him, the country's stable macroeconomic environment, inflation stood at 1.2%, while income increased by almost 6%. There was marked growth in agriculture by 4%.

However, he did not give figures fall in industrial production (mainly for oil), voiced the other day leadership of the state oil company - 11.6% compared to the first quarter of 2012.

According to him, the growth of macroeconomic indicators allowed to attract significant investment funds for large investment costs. For several years, the major rating agencies - Standard & Poor's, Fitch and Moody's - raise the credit rating of Azerbaijan in the period when the credit ratings of some European countries are reduced. The Davos World Economic Forum for the fourth consecutive year said the Azerbaijani economy as the most competitive economy in the CIS space it occupies 46th place in the world. This year's expected $ 22 billion, 30% of which will be drawn from abroad.

With regard to the social sphere, the President noted that since mid-last year, the government began to pay on deposits of the former USSR Savings Bank, and has already paid out hundreds of millions of manat. In the first quarter opened 30,000 new jobs. In general, according to the head of state, from 2003 to date, there were opened more than a million new jobs. The poverty level for a long time kept at 6%. Today, 123 thousand families receive targeted social assistance (an average of 117 manat).

The State Committee for Refugees and internally displaced persons in the last year in the form of transfers from the State Oil Fund has received an unprecedented $ 300 million that allowed for 20,000 people in this category with new housing. This year will be no exception - with deductions of 300 million 20 thousand refugees receive new apartments.

Promising priority sectors include: the development of the capital and the regions, Food Programme, the scope of telecommunications and computer, automotive and aerospace industry, environmental protection measures. At the same time emphasized the importance of the "electronic government" and other activities related to financial transparency and other components of the fight against corruption.

As regional projects the president said the construction of the Baku - Tbilisi - Kars, whose surrender has been moved to 2014. Head of state said it was unfinished project and write-off of funds. Recall contract to build 105 kilometers (76 in Turkey, 29 - Georgia) railway line in the amount of just over $ 422 million signed on 21 November 2007. However, only for the construction of the Georgian section of the government of Azerbaijan to Georgia from the Oil Fund $ 575 million loan at 5% per annum. Together with the Turkish portion it will cost much more than a billion.

At the meeting were the Ministers of taxes, defense and health, who spoke about the work carried out by their departments. - 17D-


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