Sparing sanctions of Tax Ministry not in favor of the state budget

The Accounting Chamber of Azerbaijan (ACA) on the basis of tests in the 6th Territorial administration (southern economic region ) released a report on violations of financial discipline in the Ministry of Taxes .

The most common shortcoming is not a principled position against unruly taxpayers that do not provide a declaration or delaying payment of VAT and income tax of legal entities. Many employers have shied away from signing contracts with employees , a number of individuals and legal entities due to violations of the timing several times to pay the same tax. Did not maintain records of economic decisions on tax courts , which also led to shortages in the transfer of funds to the state budget . All this together led to a shortage of almost 600 000, which later (after the intervention of ACA ) was able to make up on the results of field and cameral inspections.

For the record - the sixth of the Ministry of Territorial Administration accountable taxes 46,325 active taxpayers.

ACA last year conducted 75 audits target country, in all cases to find the composition of financial crimes. The outcome of the raids was sent to the Prosecutor General and to the Parliament.

Accounting Chamber of Azerbaijan is accountable to the country's parliament and has been effective since December 7, 2001 as the authority controlling budget spending in Azerbaijan.

Senior officials (members of the Board, which consists of the chairman, his deputy and seven auditors) are elected every seven years.

Accounting Chamber of Azerbaijan, as a rule, is limited to generalities about the board meeting, without giving specific figures and data. According to Article 6.0.3 of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On receiving information" (" Basic Principles of information"), the disclosure of budget revenues and expenditures is the responsibility of government agencies, including the Chamber of Accounts. - 17D-

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