State Committee on Statistics published data about the industry in the past year

The State Statistics Committee ( published the key indicators of the industry of Azerbaijan in the last year.

In 2013, industrial enterprises had 61.1% of the net profits earned by the country's economy. In the mining industry at the same time invested 5 billion 95 million manat, of which the majority (75.88% or 3 billion 866 million manat) - foreign investment. Almost all of the infusion – 5 070 000 000 account for oil and gas (up 32.1% YoY).

Net profit of industrial enterprises in the past year is 24 153 million manat (minus 1.4% per year). Fixed assets are valued at 53 529 million manat (per year + 14.4%).

Employment in the industry to January 1, 2014 amounted to 197 200 people (+8.9% per year), with an average salary of AZN 630.8 (+6.9% at actual inflation rate of 11.2%). In state-owned enterprises this figure is 547.5, in private ones - 715.6 manat. The highest salary was recorded in the private sector mining industry - an average of 1,951 manat .-- 17D-

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