The authorized capital of PASHA Bank reached AZN 178 million

JSC PASHA Bank increases share capital by 21 million AZN or 13.4% to 178 million AZN ($ 227 million).

Capitalization will be carried out by increasing the nominal value of 10 thousand ordinary registered book-entry shares from 15,700 manat to 17,800 manat.

As the press service of the State Securities Committee, the relevant prospectus conversion of PASHA Bank passed the state registration on Friday.

PASHA Bank is a leading corporate bank in Azerbaijan. Founded in 2007, the Bank provides a wide range of corporate banking services, including credit, market operations of securities, asset management and treasury services. In PASHA Bank, represented by its head office and four subsidiaries, operates 207 people. As part of "Europe Banking Awards 2011" was declared the "Best Investment Bank of Azerbaijan."

PASHA Bank is part of a group of companies PASHA - a major investment holding company in Azerbaijan is also widely represented in sectors such as insurance, construction, construction materials, tourism and other areas of business. Capital Bank, one of the largest banks in the retail market of Azerbaijan, also belongs to the group of companies PASHA. - 15D - - 15B -


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