The government has raised wages to tax at 25-70 %

The Cabinet raised its decision wages to employees of the Ministry of taxes depending on the position within the range 25-70 %. The last time ministry staff salaries increased in November 2010.

According to the new tariff system , the Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Taxes salary from the 1st of January this year has a salary of 1,010 instead of 800 manat (+26.25 %). Guidance department staffers are now getting from 890 to 620 manat. Prior to that, their salaries ranged from 660-430 manats. Private tax inspector of the Taxes Ministry will receive 510 manat, which is 27.5% more than the old salary.

Heads of departments of the Ministry of Taxes will now receive 550 manat, which is 41% more than the previous salary. Inspectors appointed ordinary salary of 310 manat, which is 148 million or 70 % more than in November 2010.

Head of Territorial Administration of the Ministry of Taxes since January this year is charged per month from 500 to 540 manat ( 40 %). Field inspectors are appointed a salary of 285 manat, which is 62 % more than before.

Local media claims that a number of government agencies , including the tax authority acts " envelope system" : employees are informal wage supplements .

According to former head of the State Tax Inspectorate Aliabbas Rustamov, even after this increase tax officials of the Ministry will receive modest wages. He believes that tax officers should receive in a month at least 1,000 manat .

Ministry of Taxes acts an extrabudgetary fund , which is formed due to financial sanctions against violators of tax laws. In 2013, the fund was attracted 34.4 million manat. However, these funds are used only to meet the economic needs of the Ministry of Taxes.

Government decision on the increase of wages to employees of the Ministry of Taxes was taken on February 4 this year. However, it has not made public and was posted on the Internet portal of the Ministry of taxes this week.

The staff of the Ministry of Taxes this year increased by 200 people and is 2,319 ??people, including 334 people in the central office. 40% of the employees of the ministry are at the age of 35 years and below. - 08B-

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