Theft of 35 million manat Accounting Chamber qualified as a minor violation of the financial

LLC Shirvan Regional Grid only for one season underpaid the state budget AZN 35 million ($ 44.64 million).

According to the report of the Accounting Chamber of Azerbaijan over the past year, the joint audit with the Ministry of Taxes revealed three major cases of embezzlement. In the first case the embezzlement was 4.7 million, in the second - 17 million, and in the third - 13.3 million manat .

The cause of the violations was in the absence of timely monitoring of financial discipline, the experts of the Accounting Chamber said. Tax evasion contributed to large accounts receivable, the delay in payments of taxes and concealment of the real profits of the enterprise.

Audit regarded it as minor financial irregularities (forgetfulness), obliging the managers in a short time to pay the debt to the state treasury. -17D-

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