Warning from AZ Insurance

By October 1, the insurance company AZ Insurance paid 205,000 manats as a result of severe injury and disability resulting from accidents.

As stated in a press release today, the death toll for this period amounted to 30 people, while 57 were injured at varying severity, for which the company paid over 124,000 manats.

In connection with the onset of the seasonal increase in accidents due to the weather conditions, the company warns of the need to respect the measures of caution on the roads by both the drivers and the pedestrians.

The practice of the insurer shows that drivers often do not follow the traffic rules and the speed limits, neglecting the safety belt. They drive their cars, taking no care of rain, snow, ice, fog or strong wind and not lowering their speed. They do not follow the technical conditions of the car, especially the conditions of the tires, brakes, suspension, wipers and headlights.

Pedestrians prefer to cross the road in the wrong place, not taking into account the vehicle speed and the braking distance in difficult weather conditions.

In this regard, the company called on all road users to be extremely vigilant and remember that the talk is about human lives. --17D-

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