Photo: Israel Defense Forces via REUTERS

Photo: Israel Defense Forces via REUTERS

DW: The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has completed the elimination of the infrastructure of the Hamas terrorist movement in the northern Gaza Strip and is now focused on fighting in the central and southern parts. This was stated on Saturday, January 6, by IDF spokesman Brigadier General Daniel Hagari. "We have completed the dismantling of Hamas structures in the northern Gaza Strip and will continue to deepen these achievements and strengthen the barrier and defense on the border. We are now focused on eliminating Hamas in the center and south of the Gaza Strip," Hagari said at a briefing.

By the beginning of the war, about 14,000 militants were fighting in the ranks of Hamas, an IDF spokesman said. According to Israeli estimates, 8,000 of them have been killed so far. Hagari added that the Israeli army "continues to develop creative and unexpected methods of warfare and the destruction of terrorists on the ground and underground."

According to him, the complete elimination of Hamas will take a long time, therefore, in order to achieve the goals of the war, hostilities will continue throughout 2024. In the north of the sector, the representative of the army pointed out, there may still be scattered terrorists. Rocket attacks on Israeli territory are still possible from here. Hagari also noted that the center of the Gaza Strip is densely populated with Hamas militants, and under Khan Yunis in the south there is an entire underground city of branching tunnels.

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