Kyrgyzstan is thinking about the introduction of English law Kyrgyzstan is considering the introduction of an English legal system, President Sadyr Zhaparov said at the National Kurultai.

"We are considering the aspect of introducing English law. This is a necessary step if we want to enter the international investment market," he said.

According to him, in the future it is necessary to create an opportunity to attract investments through the stock market to finance national projects and development projects such as hydroelectric power plants and industrial facilities.

"Citizens and external investors have the opportunity to invest in the construction of large facilities. For large investments, first of all, it is necessary to have fair courts," Zhaparov said.

He called for a friendly attitude towards investors.

"We should not consider them as enemies trying to take over the country or our land," the president said. - The goal of every investor is to make a profit. Each investor, by doing his job, also gives a general useful result for society. Each of us should provide investors with as much support as possible. If enterprises are built, jobs will be created for the local population, which will contribute to improving people's lives."

He also noted that in Kyrgyzstan "an irreconcilable struggle is being waged against organized criminal groups," and promised that "the merciless fight against corruption will continue and intensify."

According to him, due to corruption, Kyrgyzstan has not developed for almost 30 years, only individuals have become rich, and ordinary people lived in poverty. "Currently, anti-corruption measures are in full swing. Billions of dollars are being returned to the state treasury," Zhaparov said.

He noted that the absence of organized crime is an important indicator of a civilized state. "No investor will invest money in a country with criminal elements. In addition, some officials continue to obstruct the work of investors, engage in bribery and lobbying. All these phenomena harm the image of the country," Zhaparov stressed.

* The main goal of the development of English law in the early stages was to create a system that would combine an unambiguous interpretation of the law and the predictability of the outcome of court proceedings. But the achievement of this goal at that time was hampered by the incompetence and bias of judges, who often obtained their position at the expense of their position in society. In contrast to this obstacle, the procedural principle of stare decisis gradually began to strengthen, consolidating the primacy of precedent. Thus, court decisions became mandatory for use in subsequent proceedings with similar facts. This happened both horizontally and vertically in the judicial hierarchy. Horizontally, the courts of one instance were guided and referred to each other's decisions. Vertically, the courts of the first instance were obliged to follow the decisions of the courts of higher instances.

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