Raisi will visit Turkey

IRNA: President Ebrahim Raisi, at the invitation of his Turkish counterpart and for the purpose of making an official visit, will head a high-level political and economic delegation to Ankara, the capital of Turkey, on Thursday morning.

Ayatollah Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi will have a private meeting with him during this visit after receiving an official reception from Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of Turkey, followed by the eighth meeting of the Iran-Turkey Supreme Cooperation Council, chaired by the two presidents.

After this, the presidents will present the results of their negotiations at a press conference in the presence of the media.

Also during this visit, the two presidents will take part in a joint meeting of traders and economic leaders of Iran and Turkey, and Ayatollah Raisi will also meet with Iranians living in this country.

The seventh meeting of the Iran-Turkey Supreme Cooperation Council took place in July last year during the official visit of the Turkish President to Tehran, at which the parties agreed to develop relations and enhance ties in economic, infrastructural, security, political, cultural and sports fields.

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