The number of people killed in Turkey in clashes with Kurds comes to tens

In Turkey, protesters clashed with police. According to recent data, more than 30 people were killed, and there are dozens injured, Turkish media reported.

According to Today's Zaman, it is the most violent street clashes in Turkey in recent years.

The clashes began after protests by Turkish Kurds, who are outraged by inaction of the Turkish authorities, who do not want to help the Syrian Kurds, the third week to defend the town of Cobany from the Islamists.

Turkish troops are on the border and watch the killings of Kurds. Ankara does not start a ground operation, although Parliament has given its consent.

In Turkey, the protests are mainly in the south-east of the country, where traditionally the Kurds live, but demonstrations are also taking place in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Six provinces are under curfew.

According to Today's Zaman, as a result of the collision ten people were killed in Diyarbakir, five in Mardin, three in Siirt, and one each in Van, Batman, Adana and Varto.

On the other hand, the Islamic State is known to have quite a strong economic base, which is based, inter alia, on the illegal exploitation of oil fields in Iraq and Syria. They supply this oil also to Turkey. In Turkey there is no oil, so the oil supply by the Islamists at discount prices to Turkey is quite decent. As they say, the Islamic State sells crude oil and petroleum products at prices 2-3 times lower than the market price, and this is generally a positive effect on Turkish economy.

According to the newspaper Hurriyet, 10 people were killed in clashes only on October 9. Among the dead there are two police officers, including the Chief of Police in Bingöl, Atalay Urker.

During the riots a few gun shops were looted, and more than a hundred weapons were stolen.

The Kurds accuse Turkey of the tacit support of the Islamists, discouraging transition Kurdish volunteers to Syria to fight the Islamists.

Ankara refuses to take decisive action, calling to establish a non-flight zone over the area of fighting, and ignores the calls of the West to start a ground operation.

In this regard, charges against Ankara's support for the Islamists are enhancing.  -02B-

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