A call to the authorities before the G20 summit

On 12 November  the National Strategic Thought  Center held a roundtable in connection with the G-20 summit to be held on November 15 in Antalya, Turkey. As a result of discussions, it adopted a statement  which said that Azerbaijan is not able to cope with problems such as the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, terrorist threats, economic development under falling oil prices.

However, as  Baku  is directed to the international isolation of the country, violates human rights and the principles of democracy, and ignores the calls of the international community it will be difficult to get the support of the international community.

The authors call on the authorities to put an end to its policy and take real and sustained steps to address these problems. Before the  G-20 summit Azerbaijani authorities should release all political prisoners, to announce the soon new parliamentary elections, provide all the political and economic freedoms.

In addition, the Azerbaijani authorities have to apply for membership in the EU, NATO and WTO, to express a clear position on issues such as the situation in Ukraine and Syria, said  the  statement.

The National Strategic Thought  Center was established in 2014. It is headed by Isa Gambar.-04C05--

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