Aliyev and Raisi. İRNA

Aliyev and Raisi. İRNA

Baku/29.11.21/Turan: During a meeting with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev at the XV Summit of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) in Ashgabat on November 28, Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi expressed concern about the activity of the United States and Israel in the Caucasus region, in particular in Azerbaijan.

Recalling Iran's support for Azerbaijan's independence and territorial integrity, Raisi said: "We do not allow insecurity and foreign interference in the affairs of countries in the region. The path to rebellion and foreign intervention is closed.

Voicing his concern about the lack of security and the presence of foreigners in the region, the President of Iran said: "ISIS and Zionist terrorism are two threatening factors in the region that must be countered."

Referring to the goals of the United States and the Zionist regime to destroy relations between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ayatollah Raisi stressed: "Foreign interference harms the countries of the region, and we must be vigilant against their conspiracy."

In turn, Aliyev, highly appreciating Iran's unprecedented support for the independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan, said: "Baku attaches special importance to its fraternal relations with Tehran, and we will not allow it to be harmed."

Touching upon negotiations and contacts between officials of the two countries aiked at resolving some misunderstandings between the two countries, the Azerbaijani President stated: "We are committed to ensuring the security of border territories and will not allow any country to disrupt bilateral relations."

When it came to the significance of transit and road transport, Aliyev noted: "We are determined to solve transit issues and provide a basis for the presence and activities of Iranian companies in Azerbaijan."

Also, Aliyev pointed out that "this meeting will be a turning point in relations between the two countries, and we are committed to ensuring the regional interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran."

In conclusion, the President of Azerbaijani said that "a special working group will be set up in the presence of high-ranking government officials to monitor and implement the agreements reached."

Raisi welcomed the Azerbaijani President's request to strengthen economic relations between the two countries and develop transit routes with the participation of Iranian companies, IRNA reports.-0—

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