Another Minister Dismissed, or What Is Behind Operation of State Security Service in Ministry of Culture?

Baku / 08.05.20 / Turan: Sensational rumors that the State Security Service (SSS) has been conducting a special operation in the Ministry of Culture since the morning of May 8 have been confirmed.

The State Security Service said in a statement that high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Culture, abusing their position, committed numerous illegal acts. In this regard, the State Security Service conducts operational investigative measures, the report said.

From unofficial sources it became known that the Deputy Minister Rafik Bayramov and some other persons were detained. Phones in the Ministry are not responding.

Note that Minister Abulfaz Garayev himself is one of the most odious personalities in the country's government. A person holding the post of Minister of Culture cannot speak decently in the Azerbaijani language.

This former Komsomol member was “famous” for not completing the Shahdag winter complex. According to rumors, he was given time to build the missing hotel in this complex, which he could not do. The only thing Abulfaz Garayev was smart enough for was to appoint his brother-in-law as the head of the Shahdag complex.   -02D-


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