Arastun Orujlu: Aliyev"s speech in Strasbourg does not bode well

The speech by Ilham Aliyev to the members of the PACE has left a bad impression, the expert Arastun Orujlu said, commenting on today's speech of the head of Azerbaijan and his answers to questions from MPs for Turan.

"In general, it is not anything new to say and he talks in this manner in Azerbaijan, but to act in such a way and manner before the West - it's too much," said the expert.

He looked overstrained and overreacted to any criticism. Complete denial of problems and categorical rejection of the most obvious things, such as the violation of freedoms, arrests of journalists and harassment of civil society - all this is very worrying.

Thus, he showed he would continue to act as he wants, and he is not ready for any dialogue with opponents. Moreover, he will act this way not only with his own citizens, but also with the Western partners. "This is a very dangerous behavior, which does not bode well," said the expert. -02B-

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