Armenia and Azerbaijan may exchange territories – Yerevan representative

Armenia and Azerbaijan may exchange territories – Yerevan representative

The representative of the Armenian government, Gor Tsarukyan, in an interview with Armenian Public TV, said that Baku and Yerevan may exchange some border territories. "A referendum can be held and most likely will be held if the parties come to an agreement on the exchange of some territories, for example, the Voskepar, Berkaber triangles, etc.," he said.

It should be noted that the sites indicated by Tsarukyan are wedged into each other's territory. Their exchange makes the border logical. For example, the road from Gazakh to the villages of Mazam and further to Gushcha Hayrim will not cross the territory of Armenia. The same applies to the Armenian road from Voskepar to Kirants.

Apparently, Baku and Yerevan decided to restore the former borders of the Azerbaijani and Armenian SSR, and even more so to exchange territories in order to make them more convenient and logical.

Tsarukyan confirmed that Armenia and Azerbaijan have a solid international legal contractual basis, on the basis of which they began to carry out demarcation. The boundaries are determined according to the maps of the USSR General Staff for 1974 -1978.

According to Tsarukyan, two residential buildings, several buildings and a number of land plots have been transferred to the Azerbaijani side in Kirants.  At the same time, certain territories of 4 Azerbaijani villages were transferred to Armenia. He explained this by the fact that during Soviet times, the chairmen of village councils and directors of collective farms often exchanged territories, which was not reflected in the administrative boundaries.

Tsarukyan also noted that there are a lot of "sensitive" issues in the delimitation process, the content of which is not disclosed. "However, this process was not unilateral, and there were mutual concessions," he stressed.

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