Azerbaijan Toughens Quarantine Regime since April 9

Baku / 09.04.20 / Turan: Since April 9, the circle of people who are allowed to go to work under special permits in connection with the quarantine regime has been narrowed in Azerbaijan. This right will not cover workers who operate without labor contracts or service contracts and employees over 65 years of age.

Heads of organizations are required to limit the number of employees whose presence is necessary at work.

This was stated in the message of the State Agency for Services to Citizens and Social Innovations under the President of Azerbaijan.

 As noted in the press release, it was established that officials, legal entities and individuals engaged in entrepreneurship, violate the government decree of April 2 "On measures to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus infection (COVID-19) in Azerbaijan."

In this regard, from April 9, in relation to legal entities and individuals who have committed such violations, the permits issued by them will be canceled in the following cases:

- if the persons who requested permission do not have an employment contract or an individual contract for the provision of services;

- in relation to employees of legal entities who have not been issued a work permit, with the exception of personnel providing security and technical safety.

- if the age of the workers exceeds 65 years.

At the same time, legal entities and individuals are required to remove the names of employees from the permission portal whose presence at work is not necessary.

The State Agency warns that from April 10 permissions that contradict the rules of the quarantine regime will be automatically canceled on the portal. In addition, law enforcement agencies will be informed about the data of legal entities and individuals. — 06D-


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