Quarantine Regime in Azerbaijan to Be Tightened - Operational Headquarters

Baku / 09.04.20 / Turan: Representatives of the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers at a briefing on April 8 expressed concern about the increase in the number of people infected with Corona Virus in Azerbaijan. In their opinion, the reason for this is not compliance with the quarantine regime. They warned that if violations continue, the quarantine will be tightened.

It should be noted that on April 8, an anti-record of daily growth in the number of infected in Azerbaijan was noted. This indicator for the first time reached a three-digit figure - 105 per day. In total, 822 people were infected, of whom 63 were cured, 8 died, and 751 people remain in hospitals.

The condition of 37 infected people is serious, said Ramin Bayramli, the head of the Joint Administration of Territorial Medical Units.

He describes the condition of 47 people as moderate. Eight fatal cases from Corona Virus have been associated with complications of severe chronic diseases, he said. The condition of many patients worsened due to late visits to doctors.

Currently, 3-4 thousand tests are conducted daily, and soon this figure will increase to 5 thousand. In total, more than 53 thousand tests were conducted.

Bayramli also noted that among patients with COVID-19 there are persons aged 2 to 90 years. “We had an 84-year-old infected person who was able to overcome the disease and recover,” he said. The healing of patients and the time of treatment depend in many respects on the individual response of the patient.

Bayramli confirmed the presence of paramedics among the infected, without naming their number. At the same time, of those working in hospitals for the treatment of Corona Virus, only one doctor became infected.

 Bayramli complained that the number of infected people continues to grow and this is largely due to non-compliance with quarantine rules by citizens. “Due to the fact that there were a lot of quarantine violations last week, the number of infected people has increased dramatically. Each infected person can infect another 30-60 people.

In case of non-compliance with the regime, we will turn to the government for more serious measures,” Bayramli said.

In turn, the head of the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers, Ibrahim Mammadov, did not rule out the extension of a special quarantine regime. “It will depend on the development of the situation. The regime can be extended if the number of infected people grows, and violations of the regime continue. Quarantine can not only be extended, but even toughened,” Mammadov said.

According to him, state and private organizations abuse the right to issue work permits. Among the violators, he called the press. “The situation is being monitored and controlled over those who illegally create conditions for someone to take to the streets, punishment will follow for this,” Mammadov said. —06D-


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