Azerbaijani activists have established the "Fair Environment Initiative- COP29"

Azerbaijani activists have established the "Fair Environment Initiative- COP29"

Five non-governmental organizations of Azerbaijan have proposed the creation of the "Fair Environment Initiative-COP29" to draw attention to the problems of civil society, human rights and the environment in the country.  "COP29 will be the first global conference held on the territory of Azerbaijan after the restoration of territorial integrity. Holding COP29 in Azerbaijan is of great importance for the country from a political and economic point of view, in addition to environmental issues. However, there are many problems in Azerbaijan related to civil rights and the environment.

These are politically motivated arrests, restrictions on civil society activities, domestic violence, corruption, ineffective government work to protect the environment (especially oil pollution of Absheron), depletion of water resources, as well as the closure of land borders to citizens for no reason after the end of the coronavirus pandemic,"  the message on the establishment of the initiative, the authors of which are: the Public Association for Economic Assistance; EcoFront; the Center for Strengthening Women; the Center for Election Monitoring and Democracy Education; the Institute of Civil Rights.

The COP29 conference is considered by these organizations as an opportunity to strengthen civil rights and public participation in the country, as well as environmental restoration, and for this they intend to join forces. In particular, the Initiative intends to make efforts to free political prisoners, restore the free activity of civil society, make progressive changes to the laws on NGOs and grants, fight corruption and adopt a new national action plan to combat corruption.

It is also proposed to ratify the Istanbul Convention on Combating Violence against Women. In addition, the Initiative proposes the adoption by Azerbaijan of commitments and a roadmap for the implementation of the Paris Climate Charter until 2030. Activists also call for the adoption and implementation of plans for the purification of oil-contaminated areas and the efficient use of water resources by the specified deadline.

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