Azerbaijani Embassy Sends Note to Foreign Ministry

Baku / 11.06.19 / Turan: The Azerbaijani Embassy in Moscow sent a note to the Russian Foreign Ministry in connection with the case of journalist Fuad Abbasov.

He was detained in Moscow on May 16. Russian authorities accused him of violating immigration laws. However, the defense stated that Abbasov was not notified of the revocation of the residence permit, which was granted to him until 2023.

On June 7, the Moscow regional court dismissed Abbasov's complaint and approved the decision on his deportation. However, on the way to the airport, Abbasov was turned back to the detention center of migrants in the town of Korolyov, Moscow Region.

The Azerbaijani Embassy in the Russian Federation on June 11 reported that the staff of the consular department of the diplomatic mission daily maintain contact with Abbasov.

"In connection with the failed deportation from the Russian Federation of journalist Fuad Abbasov and his return to the temporary detention center in Korolyov, Moscow region, we report that the staff of the consular department of the Embassy communicates with him daily," the Azerbaijani Embassy said in a press release.

On June 11, 2019, the Embassy staff again met with Fuad Abbasov and familiarized themselves with the conditions of his detention.

In addition, in order to clarify the circumstances of the current situation, the Embassy sent an official Note to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, as well as letters to the relevant state structures. "As soon as the Embassy receives a response from the Russian side, the media will be additionally informed about this. Once again we inform the public that the Embassy is keeping the matter under control and taking all necessary measures within its authority," the message from the embassy said.

The lawyer for Abbasov, chairman of the Moscow Bar Association Europe-Asia Teyub Sharifov visited him at the Temporary Detention Center for Foreign Citizens in Korolyov, Moscow Region on June 10.

The lawyer told Turan that since June 7, Abbasov has been on a hunger strike to protest his illegal detention there.

"At the moment, no intelligible explanations or complaints from the competent authorities have been received. It is not clear to us why, already on the way to the airport, when Abbasov had to fly to Baku in accordance with the deportation decision, he was turned back and placed in the Center," said the lawyer.

He noted that on Tuesday, June 11, he sent a complaint to the Internet reception of the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Russian Federation.

According to the lawyer, violations of Abbasov's rights will be appealed to the Supreme Court of Russia, and further, if necessary, to the Strasbourg court.

* Journalist Abbasov became known to the general public in 2015 after speaking at talk shows on Russian TV channels in connection with the discussion of the destruction of a Russian military aircraft in Turkey.

Abbasov was invited as a correspondent for the Turkish agency Ihlas to present the position of Turkey. Later, Abbasov also participated in talk shows on issues relating to Azerbaijan.

Recently, Abbasov has criticized some diaspora organizations of Azerbaijanis for insufficiently upholding the interests of compatriots, accused them of working with Armenians and announced the creation of a party of Azerbaijanis in the Russian Federation. -06B--

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