Azerbaijani ex-Foreign Minister Tofig Gasimov Died in Exile

Baku / 29.01.20 / Turan: The former Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan, Tofig Gasimov, died in political emigration in Swiss Lucerne at the age of 82. Information about this was disseminated by a close friend of Gasimov, an activist of the Musavat party Mirbaba Babayev.

“Tofig Gasimov was one of the prominent political figures of Azerbaijan, and leaders of the national democratic movement of the late 1980s and early 1990s. In the most difficult times, he led the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A physicist by training, he joined the political struggle and was one of those who restored the Musavat party.

His death was a heavy loss for Musavat, the democratic camp and the entire Azerbaijani people,” said the head of Musavat Arif Hajili.

According to him, in the coming hours the time and place of the funeral will become known.

Tofig Gasimov was born in the Agstafa region of Azerbaijan in 1938. In 1989, he became one of the founders of the Popular Front and was a member of the organization’s Board. In 1992-93 Gasimov served as head of the Foreign Ministry in the government formed by the Popular Front.

In September 1995, he was arrested on charges of attempting a coup d'etat in the case of the Special Police Unit. On February 22, 1996, Gasimov was released under international pressure. He later left Azerbaijan and received political asylum in Switzerland. –06D-


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