Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry: OSCE MG Silent about Shelling from Armenian Side

Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry expressed regret over the fact that the OSCE Minsk Group refrained to specify in a statement at the end of their trip to the region that the shooting during their monitoring on the front line was opened by the Armenian side.

As stated in the press service of the Foreign Ministry, OSCE MG on October 27 crossed the contact line between the Armed Forces of Armenia and Azerbaijan, and moved to the territory controlled by the Azerbaijani army.

Timed for the visit of the Co-Chairs was regular monitoring on the contact line of troops on the road between Terter and Agdere, which was conducted by the personal representative of the OSCE Chairman-in-office with his field assistants.

Despite the preliminary agreement on the security of representatives of the OSCE, the Armenian side opened fire in the direction of the positions of Azerbaijani Armed Forces.

The shooting forced the OSCE monitoring mission to seek protection and shelter on the positions of the Azerbaijani Army.

According to the statements of representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan, located at the time of the shelling at the site of the incident, the OSCE delegation made contact with the other side to stop the shelling and update guarantees prohibiting repeated attacks.

Despite the fact that the source of the fire and its direction was clear, it was regrettable that the Co-Chairs in a statement on 29 October 2015 did not name the perpetrator of ceasefire violation on the contact line, the press service of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry stated. -06D--

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