Biden Meets Zelenskyy, Announces Additional Security Assistance for Ukraine

U.S. President Joe Biden met today with Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelenskyy to reaffirm Washington‘s commitment to supporting the people of Ukraine as they defend their sovereignty and democracy against Russia’s invasion, the White House said in a readout of the meeting, TURAN’s U.S. correspondent reports.

Biden “underscored U.S. readiness to continue delivering security assistance to meet Ukraine’s immediate battlefield needs, including today’s announcement of an additional $375 million in ammunition and equipment, as well as to build Ukraine’s long term capacity to defend against and deter Russian aggression,” the White House said.

To that end, the leaders “discussed U.S. support for a joint effort, with our allies and partners, to train Ukrainian pilots on fourth-generation fighter aircraft, like the F-16,” according to the readout.

They also discussed ongoing efforts to further strengthen Ukraine’s air defenses as Russia continues its missile and drone attacks on Ukrainian cities, per the White House.

In addition, Biden underscored the support of the U.S. and other G7 nations for Ukraine’s reconstruction, including efforts to rebuild its energy infrastructure, and Ukraine’s implementation of reforms needed to fulfil its Euro-Atlantic aspirations.

Biden also welcomed Zelenskyy’s commitment to a just peace based on fundamental principles enshrined in the UN Charter, as the White House put it.

According to the Pentagon, today’s military package for Ukraine includes the following:

•    Additional ammunition for HIMARS;

•    155mm and 105mm artillery rounds;

•    Tube-Launched, Optically-Tracked, Wire-Guided (TOW) missiles;

•    Javelin and AT-4 anti-armor systems;

•    Laser-guided rocket system munitions;

•    Demolition munitions;

•    Armored bridging systems;

•    Armored medical treatment vehicles;

•    Trucks and trailers to transport heavy equipment;

•    Logistics support equipment;

•    Thermal imagery systems;

•    Spare parts and other field equipment.

The U.S. will “continue to work with its Allies and partners to provide Ukraine with capabilities to meet its immediate battlefield needs and longer-term security assistance requirements,” the Pentagon said

Alex Raufoglu

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