Constitutional Court approved results of Presidential election

Constitutional Court approved results of Presidential election

The plenum of the Constitutional Court of Azerbaijan today approved the results of the early Presidential elections held on February 7.

Head of the Central Election Commission, Mazakhir Panakhov, informed the judges of the election results, according to which Ilham Aliyev won 92.12% of the votes.

In turn, the judge-rapporteur Kamran Shafiev said that complaints to the Prosecutor's Office and the police in connection with the Presidential election had not been received.

After the discussions, Chairman of the Constitutional Court, Farhad Abdullayev, announced the decision of the Constitutional Court to approve the election results, declaring Aliyev the re-elected President of the country.

Ilham Aliyev will take office after taking the oath of office in the presence of judges of the Constitutional Court at the inauguration ceremony, which will take place within three days after the announcement of the election results.

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