Fazail Agamaly

Fazail Agamaly

In a contentious move, certain organizations in Armenia and France are spearheading efforts to label imprisoned Karabakh separatist leaders in Azerbaijan as political prisoners. Allegations of biased initiatives and claims of prejudiced perspectives have ignited a war of words between proponents and opponents of this divisive cause.

Fazail Agamaly, a member of the committee on Legal Policy and State Building of the Milli Majlis, vehemently denounced the initiative as baseless and accused its supporters of engaging in the "highest form of slander and prejudice." Agamaly asserted that the separatist leaders, who had long presided over the so-called "Artsakh" fake organization, were not political prisoners but rather individuals responsible for orchestrating great tragedies in Azerbaijan.

Speaking to Turan, Agamaly highlighted an ongoing investigation into the matter, expressing confidence that the separatists would be found culpable of crimes against Azerbaijan. He emphasized the need for a fair trial based on concrete facts, stating, "this process will be covered in the mass media, and these materials will be presented to the embassies accredited in Azerbaijan."

Agamaly did not shy away from criticizing what he perceived as double standards employed by European states in their treatment of Azerbaijan and the Karabakh conflict. He cited the example of Catalonia, where a peaceful struggle for independence was swiftly extinguished by Europe, contrasting it with what he deemed a lenient approach to the Armenian-backed separatism in Karabakh.

The Azerbaijani deputy accused European nations of maintaining a biased stance against Azerbaijan, dating back to the aggression of Armenia against the country. He argued that this biased attitude persisted despite Azerbaijan's adherence to international documents and UN resolutions in quelling separatism.

Agamaly concluded by characterizing Europe's policy as hypocritical, asserting that the divergent treatment of Azerbaijan and Spain served as a stark illustration of this inconsistency. 

The ongoing debate underscores the deeply rooted geopolitical complexities surrounding the Karabakh conflict and the varying perspectives that continue to shape international discourse on the matter.

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