Court of Appeal Refuses to Release Akif Muradverdiyev on Bail

Today the Court of Appeal dismissed a request from the former Administrator of the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan, Akif Muradverdiyev. He had requested to be released from custody on conditions of bail.

According to his lawyer, Fuad Agayev, a similar complaint was previously filed in Sabail Court. It was also refused. A complaint against this judgment was filed in the Supreme Court.

According to the indictment filed against Muradverdiyev, bail is set at 10,000 manat. The Court explained refusal by saying that if Muradverdiyev is released, he can evade the investigation. 

Muradverdiyev was arrested June 20 when boarding a flight to Moscow. In the course of security clearance, 40 gold coins were found in his hand luggage. Muradverdiyev declared that they were planted. A lawsuit was filed against him under the Article 206.1 (smuggling). –16B-


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