Defense Ministry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan blame Armenia for provocations

Baku / 26.07.17 / Turan: The Ministry of Defense and Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan issued a joint statement in which they blamed Armenia for the consequences of provocations and occupation of part of the territory of Azerbaijan.

The statement includes the shelling of settlements and military units of Azerbaijan, as a result of which there are killed and wounded. In particular, the facts of shelling by the Armenian Armed Forces on July 4 in the village of Alkhanly of Fizuli region, which took the life of a woman and a child, and the provocation on July 25, when a drones and artillery shell with an incendiary mixture was used, resulted in the wounding of Azerbaijani soldiers.

The document notes that the military provocations of the Armenian side are held against the backdrop of calls by international mediators to hold substantive negotiations on the peaceful settlement of the conflict and Azerbaijan's constructive position on the proposals of the mediators.

With the aim of ending the conflict and establishing peace, Armenia must withdraw its troops from the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, the joint statement of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan states.-0-

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