Deputy Prime Minister condemns Western sanctions

Agreement on the creation of  the exhibition and trade center of Azerbaijan in Moscow was signed in Baku on Monday after a meeting of the intergovernmental commission on economic cooperation. The meeting was chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister of the two countries – Yagub Eyubov  and Dmitry Rogozin.

According to Rogozin, on the results of 2013 the trade turnover between the two countries reached a historic high of $3.6 billion, which is 5% more than last year. According to him, Russia relies on agricultural products from Azerbaijan to replace imports from the West, in connection with the sanctions against Russia. In this connection, Rogozin  noted  the interest in the supply of  the Azerbaijani agricultural products to the Russian markets.

Azerbaijan, the Russian side presented a number of projects related to logistics processing, storage of agricultural products in Moscow. This project is being actively implemented, this experience can be extended to other major Russian agglomeration, Rogozin said.

In turn, Eyubov expressed confidence that the new sanctions will not be able to break the Russian, but rather strengthen it. "We understand the situation between the EU, the USA and Russia. Nobody will break Russia,  it will never bend, on the contrary, it will further strengthen it," Itar-Tass quotes Eyubov. During the meeting Rogozin stressed the importance of implementing the idea of ​​the President of Azerbaijan to create a high-level group on energy issues.

"During the 21 th century, when the struggle for resources only escalates and creates conflict, joint actions of Russia and Azerbaijan could lead to greater stability, to greater peace. That is not only the energy and economic issues. This question is really political," said Deputy Prime Minister.

Following the meeting,  it was decided to continue to work to improve the legal framework.  In particular, it is assumed  to coordinate and prepare the signing of agreements in the field of plant protection; customs control of goods; cooperation in the field of maritime transport; the procedures and conditions of navigation Azerbaijan on Russia's inland waterways; cooperation in search and rescue in the Caspian Sea; on cooperation in the field of tourism; in the field of youth policy; labor migration.

Under preparation are bilateral agreements in the field of labor, employment and social protection of the population; on cooperation and information exchange in the field of construction and development of the crossing points of the Azerbaijani-Russian border; on cooperation in the field of migration; on cooperation in countering the legalization of proceeds from crime and financing of terrorism; on cooperation in the field of physical culture and sports; Cooperation and exchange of information in the field of securities markets.

The next, 15th meeting of the Azerbaijani-Russian intergovernmental commission on economic cooperation will be held in 2015 in Yekaterinburg,  and will be dedicated to the Sixth Russian-Azerbaijani interregional forum. –06D-

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