Compiled an overview of the environment

The State Statistics Committee has made a statistical overview of the environment, forestry, fishing and hunting for 2013 (

In the State Statistics Committee they told Turan that the document reflects the information on land and water resources, forest resources and their use on protected areas. The statistics data reflect catches, reproduction and protection of fish, game farms and economic indicators. Provided is extensive information on the environment, the availability and disposal of hazardous and solid waste, investments in environmental protection activities.

According to the report, in 2013 the amount of land suitable for agricultural activities increased by 1,500 ha and reached 4,769,500 hectares. At the same time, land under industrial plants, roads, non-agricultural needs, etc. decreased by 500 ha and was 341 700 hectares. Since 2005, these areas were reduced by 23 600 hectares. --08D-

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