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Photo TURAN.

Baku/04.05.22/Turan: The European Union attaches great importance to free and independent journalism, head of the EU delegation to Azerbaijan Peter Michalko said at a press conference on the occasion of World Press Day. Sometimes journalists in bringing truthful information to people face risks to their lives, as is happening now in Ukraine, subjected to Russian aggression, he said.

When asked by Turan about what contribution the EU can make to support independent media in Azerbaijan, Mikhalko noted that this issue is the subject of dialogue with the official structures of Azerbaijan. In particular, the topic of discussion was the new law on media, and the importance of innovations not having a negative impact on the activities of journalists was noted.

According to him, the EU can support the media with projects to improve the professionalism of journalists, including in the regions of the country. In addition, Azerbaijani media can take advantage of regional projects within the framework of the Eastern Partnership.

Beaing asked if the fate of persons arrested after readmission to Germany is being discussed with the authorities, Michalko noted that human rights are the main values ​​of the EU.

According to him, at meetings with representatives of the Azerbaijani authorities, issues of both  an individual nature and, in general, ensuring human rights, the observance of which is an obligation within the framework of the Council of Europe are ebing discussed. --06B--


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