Farukh village passed under control of Azerbaijani Armed Forces – Armenian media

Baku / 24.03.22 / Turan: At 4 pm on March 24, the Armenian formations, together with the population of the villages of Farukh and Khramort, not far from Aghdam, were withdrawn deep into Karabakh. This was reported on Thursday evening by the Armenian media.

It is reported that the Azerbaijani military occupied the village of Farukh without firing, and the Russian peacekeepers did not interfere in what was happening.

The heads of the communities of these Armenian villages confirmed the advance of the Azerbaijani forces forward by 2-3 kilometers from Agdam.

According to the latest data, the village of Farukh is under the complete control of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, and the Armenian military returned to Khramort to protect it.

In turn, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan reports that the statements of the Armenian side about the aggravation of the situation in Karabakh do not correspond to reality.

“Positions and places of deployment are being clarified, there were no clashes and incidents,” it was reported.

It should be noted that the village of Farukh in the former Askeran region of Karabakh is of strategic importance. This is a dominant height, which allows you to keep at gunpoint most of the Askeran region, including the regional center itself. -0-


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