Fazil Gasimov: Testified against Gubad Ibadoglu under the influence of psychotropic drugs

Fazil Gasimov: Testified against Gubad Ibadoglu under the influence of psychotropic drugs

Economist Fazil Gasimov, who was arrested in the case of opposition politician and scientist Gubad Ibadoglu, addressed the local and world community from the Baku pre-trial detention center-1. He reports that after his arrest last year, psychotropic substances were mixed into his tea at the Department for Combating Organized Crime of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (DCOC), under the influence of which he gave false testimony against Ibadoglu, and then was forced to confirm them in a confrontation.

He considers it necessary to send a UN mission to Azerbaijan to establish verification of cases of mixing psychotropic substances in the food of the accused persons. Gasimov expresses hope that the UN Secretary General will not remain indifferent to gross violations of human rights in the country hosting COP29.

F.Gasimov writes that although he grew up in a refugee family, he was able to study well and enter a university with an almost maximum score of 693 (out of 700) and even become a presidential scholarship student. In 2010, he left for Turkiye to continue his studies, and since 2019 he has been engaged in research programs at Istanbul University.

In May 2023, he applied for Turkish citizenship, but on August 7 he was illegally deported at the request of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan.

In DCOC, he was subjected to inhuman, cruel, degrading treatment, threats, and torture.  The reason for all this was the establishment of the Azerbaijani Youth Education Foundation in London with Ibadoglu and joint economic research with Ibadoglu.

Gasimov points out the absurdity of accusing him of selling counterfeit money together with Ibadoglu. Since June 14, he has been on a hunger strike, demanding a criminal case against him.  "Despite my serious condition, I have no other choice but to go on a hunger strike to protest against the gross violation of my rights," writes F.Gasimov. "All my life I have tried to be useful to people as a man of science and a social justice activist, and now I need your help. Support me, release me from prison," Gasimov notes.

Gasimov's brother Nazim Gasimov said that he had met with him in the pre-trial detention center the day before. According to him, as a result of the hunger strike, Fazil is in serious condition, his blood pressure has dropped to 80/60.

The representative of the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ibrahim Amiraslanli, at Turan's request regarding Fazil Gasimov's claim about the use of psychotropic substances against him, said that "the Ministry of Internal Affairs does not comment on unfounded and based on personal assumptions."

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