Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Baku/23.07.20/Turan: On Thursday, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry made a statement in connection with the Armenian attack on the diplomatic missions of Azerbaijan abroad and against peaceful demonstrators.

The Armenian provocations committed in front of the buildings of the diplomatic missions of Azerbaijan in France, Great Britain, Sweden, Poland, Australia, the USA, the Netherlands, Belgium, as well as against peaceful Azerbaijani demonstrators, contained elements of vandalism and terror with the aim of deliberate damage to members of Azerbaijani communities, diplomats and their property ...

This vandalism by radical Armenian forces is nothing new either for Azerbaijan or for other countries that have faced Armenian terrorism. Thus, in 1970-1980, ASALA and other Armenian terrorist organizations killed more than 70 people and committed more than 235 terrorist attacks in 22 countries, during which 24 Turkish diplomats were killed.

“We strongly condemn the hate-based criminal actions of Armenian radical elements against Azerbaijani diplomats, as well as members of Azerbaijani communities in these countries, and expect a responsible approach to their responsibilities from the structures responsible for preventing such provocations in the respective countries,” the statement said. ...

Addressing friendly countries, the Azerbaijani side calls to strengthen the protection of the diplomatic missions of Azerbaijan, to pay more attention to strengthening the immunity and security of diplomats, as well as the security of Azerbaijani citizens.

The Azerbaijani side demands that the law enforcement agencies of the respective countries investigate the acts of vandalism committed by radical Armenian forces and give a proper legal assessment of their criminal acts, the Foreign Ministry said. -02D-


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