G.Aslanly: Interior Ministry deliberately politicizes the accident in Xudat

In Khachmaz region in the north of Azerbaijan continues the detention of local activists   participating in the  protests actions  after the road accident  with participation of border guards.

Four people were detained o the events last night, including three local activists of the party "Musavat". On Friday morning Xachmaz court sentenced them to 10 days  of imprisonment.

According to  Gulaga Aslanly,  the deputy head of the "Musavat", detention continues. Exact data on the number of detainees  is  not reported. 

We only know that four of the detainees were released after the issuance of warnings to them.

Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry has accused the opposition of politicizing the road accident. Thus, according to the police, "local functionaries of some radical opposition parties,  remaining loyal to their traditions, again tried to politicize the usual crash, artificially creating tension and confrontation. They incited the local residents to make a march, violate  public security  and break  the order," said the Interior Ministry.

As a result of taken measures, the attempt  of making action was prevented, and  some of its  organizers, including the head of Khachmaz regional organization  of "Musavat" party,  Geybat Amrah, its members Fikret Aliyev, Aladdin Mirzoyev, as well as a resident of the region,  Nusrat Garayev, were arrested,  according to the Interior Ministry.

They were found guilty under Article 298.2 (violation of the rules of the organization and conduct demonstrations) of the Code of Administrative Offences (CAO), and  were sentenced to 10 days of administrative arrest. It is noteworthy that the Interior Ministry does not specify the position of the border guard who had committed a road accident.

However, it is confirmed that it was  Rovshan Safarov, who according to unofficial data, is the  commander of Khudat frontier, and has the rank of colonel.

Deputy Chairman of "Musavat", Aslanly, rejected accusations against the prisoners.

According to him, as in the case of an accident in Ismailli, resulted in popular unrest, the authorities want to  blame the  opposition.

He stressed that in both cases there was a spontaneous protest against injustice and tyranny. Rather than to investigate  the events objectively and punish those responsible, the authorities are trying to present a protest of the population as "the machinations of the opposition."

In this way, authorities try to hush up the case and remove the  responsibility from real perpetrators. At the same time, he noted that the arrested  members of “Musavat” were not on the scene. The head of the regional organization of "Musavat", after the commencement of the action, informed about events in Xudat in social networks on the Internet.

Another arrested, Nusrat Garayev, was a witness to an accident.

The officer has publicly insulted and beat the other driver that caused outrage and spontaneous protest of local residents. According to Aslanly, the Interior Ministry itself politicizing  the events  in Khudat. -05B06-


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