Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Baku14.07.23//Turan: By the decision of the Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Ali Asadov, the activities of the company operating the gold deposit in the village of Seyudlu of the Gadabey region have been temporarily suspended. The issue of its resumption will be decided after an environmental impact assessment of the enterprise to be conducted by an international company invited by the government.

On July 13, Prime Minister Ali Asadov held the second meeting of the commission set up by the government to investigate the situation in the village of Seyudlu of Gadabey region due to the activities of the gold mining enterprise.

According to the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan, the chairman of the commission, Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Mukhtar Babayev informed in detail about the results of monitoring at the site of dumping waste from the mine and adjacent territories in the village of Seyudlu.

Prime Minister Asadov called it a "serious miscalculation" that the Ministry of Ecology has not monitored the activities of the company operating the field since 2018, nor performed the state control.

The Prime Minister instructed the Ministry of Ecology and the Ministry of Emergency Situations to "seriously investigate and eliminate miscalculations related to the fact that the construction work was carried out three times at the waste storage facility in various years without the approval of the executive authorities."

The the meeting pointed out that an international company had been invited to conduct an environmental and geological audit of the enterprise. Its representatives are expected to arrive in Azerbaijan in the coming days and begin their activities. This company will conduct an assessment related to the environment, safety and health issues.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister gave instructions concerning the tightening of monitorings and their regular conduct.

In view of the threat to nature and human health that has arisen in Seyudlu, the head of government decided to temporarily terminate the company's work.

The issue of the resumption of the company's activities will be resolved in keeping with the results of the assessment to be conducted by the involved international company and the implementation of its recommendations.

The Prime Minister emphasized that the company operating in the territory in the coming period should ensure the use of modern equipment and new technologies in the production.

The company should eliminate all identified miscalculations, build its activities in line with the requirements of the relevant legislation, including fulfilling social obligations to employees, Asadov noted.

The Prime Minister instructed the members of the commission to visit Seyudlu village again in the coming days, stressed the necessity to continue a serious investigation of the appeals of the villagers.

It may be reminded that the gold deposit Seudlu is operated by "Anglo Asian Mining PLC", which is registered in the UK with the participation of US citizen Reza Vaziri, owner of "RV Investments Group Services" LLC.

In 1997, the Government of Azerbaijan signed a contract with "RV Investments Group Services' LLC to grant rights to develop a number of ore deposits, including in the village of Seudlu. -03B06-

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