Qubad İbadoğlu

Qubad İbadoğlu

Baku/13.01.23/Turan: Chairman of the Democracy and Prosperity Party (ADR) Gubad Ibadoglu announced the dissolution of his party. He  made this step in accordance with the new law "On political parties", he told Turan.

According to the Article 4.7 of the law, approved on January 11, "a political party cannot operate without state registration."

"Therefore, we must adapt our activities to the requirements of the law, and I signed an order to release the central executive bodies of the party and terminate the activities of appointed leaders," Gubad Ibadoglu said and added that the party will continue its activities as a Movement.

The Democracy and Prosperity Party was founded on October 17, 2021 on the basis of the Democracy and Prosperity Movement, established in 2015. The Ministry of Justice four times refused to register this party. --16D--

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