Gubad Ibadoglu has been released under house arrest!

Gubad Ibadoglu has been released under house arrest!

Opposition politician and scientist-economist Gubad Ibadoglu, who was released under house arrest today, intends to seek a complete cessation of his criminal prosecution. "Today's court decision cannot be regarded as a complete achievement of freedom. So far, the measure of restraint has been changed to house arrest. I cannot leave Baku, leave Azerbaijan, and I must inform the relevant authority when changing my place of residence. Unfounded accusations have not been dropped from me yet," Ibadoglu told the Turan news agency.

However, the transfer to house arrest will allow him to "seriously take care of his health."  During the 9 months of imprisonment, due to high sugar levels, the politician's health seriously deteriorated.

Ibadoglu expressed gratitude for the efforts in his release and support to his lawyers, journalists and media who covered his case, human rights defenders, representatives of the international democratic community, colleagues from foreign academic circles. 

Ibadoglu also said that he would speak out and call for the release of other political prisoners – Tofig Yagublu, Nazim Beydermirli, journalists from “Abzas Media”, “Toplum TV”, “Kanal -13.”

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Gubad Ibadoglu has been released under house arrest!

The Narimanov District Court today decided to place opposition politician Gubad Ibadoglu under house arrest, his lawyer Bahruz Bayramov said.

According to him, the petition was filed by the defense due to the deterioration of his health.

This petition has already been rejected by the courts dozens of times.


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