Gubad Ibadoglu has suspended his political activities

Gubad Ibadoglu has suspended his political activities

The Azerbaijani Movement for Democracy and Prosperity (AMDP), led by Gubad Ibadoglu, has suspended its activities. The decision on this was made by the Board of this structure on May 14, said his brother Galib Togrul.

According to him, the reason for the termination of the organization’s activities is the lack of state registration. As for Ibadoglu himself, he stops political activities due to health conditions after a 9-month arrest.

However, Alovsat Sadygly, a member of the Movement’s board, denied Galib Togrul’s statements that the decision to suspend activities was made by the Movement’s Board.

According to Sadygly, the Movement intends to begin activities to resolve the issue of state registration.

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