Gular Akhmedova does not want to testify against Avaz Zeynalli

Eldar Gadimi, lawyer of the arrested ex-deputy, Gular Akhmedova, reported to Turan on her degradation and dissatisfaction with the course of the investigation. "She's not waiting for support from the ruling party NAP and will not go to Avaz Zeynalli’s trial," said the lawyer.

On the question of health, he said that Akhmedova’s lymph nodes increased, but the investigation does not react to that.

On the progress of the investigation, the lawyer said that Akhmedova is not happy with its course, because all is built on videos there.

"What kind of investigation is it, if it does not contain any original material, but only some assembled shooting?" said the lawyer.

The investigation must deliver Elshad Abdullayev to Azerbaijan and conduct a face to face meeting with Gular Akhmedova.

Meanwhile we cannot talk about real investigation in this case, said the lawyer.

The lawyer did not rule out new charges against Akhmedova, except those already presented under Articles 178 (cheating) and 307 (misprision).

When asked about the progress of the investigation, the lawyer said that Gular Akhmedova had not been questioned. The investigation is examining the accumulated materials.

He blamed the media for publishing unsubstantiated information about the property of Akhmedova and her conflict with the prison administration, etc.

On the question of support from the ruling party NAP, the lawyer said that the party had driven her from its ranks. "What kind of support could be talked about?"

On the question whether Akhmedova will appear in court in the case of the journalist, Avaz Zeynalli, who was arrested on her complaint, the lawyer gave a negative answer.

"She is not going to join that trial and give evidence against him," said the lawyer. -03B-  


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